Products Offered on Exports

Angles Beam Billets Channel
Pig Iron Hot Rolled Rebars Wire Rods

Specification Grade Remarks
ASTMA510.96 SAE 1008 (Si-0.30%Max) Tensile Strength 430 N/mm2 Max
ASTMA510.96 SAE 1010 (Si-0.40%Max) Tensile Strength 450 N/mm2 Max.
ASTMA510.96 SAE 1012 (Si-0.40%Max) Tensile Strength 470 N/mm2 Max.
ASTMA510.96 SAE 1015 (Si-0.40%Max) Tensile Strength 510 N/mm2 Max

Electorde quality (Chemistry as in Remarks) C-0.10% Max; S,P&Si-0.03% Each Max Mn-0.35-0.62% & AL-0.02-0.05%

Note: Coil Dimensions: ID -725(Min), OD-1250(Max); Height-1400(Max):

Weight: 1.2MT(apprx) Sizes 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, 7.0, 8.0, 10.0 & 12.0;
Order Qty per size: 1000MT (Min);
Price preference would be given for lower percentage of 5.5 size in order Qty.

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