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  • SNo Tender Description Branch Expiry DateUp
    1  CONTRACTS AWARDED DURING JUNE-2016  RINL  31/07/2017 
    2  VSP/WC/CO&CCP/76275-0/OT-Technological assistance in Batteries of CO&CCP  RINL  27/09/2016 
    3  VSP/WC/SSD/76271-0/OT-Cleaning of DF-Bay of SMS-I,SMS-II total shop cleaning&Emergency Container Mgt  RINL  20/09/2016 
    4  VSP/WC/ACS/76240-0/OT/2016 DATED 16.08.2016MISC. REPAIR WORKS (AC DUCT / THERMAL INSULATION / SHEET  RINL  15/09/2016 
    5  VSP/WC/SSD/76269-0/OT-Scrap collection, processing and dispatch to SMS-I and SMS-II  RINL  10/09/2016 
    6  VSP/WC/ACS/76265-*0/OT/2016 Dt: 24.08.2016Operation & Maintenance of AC plants for Telephone Exchan  RINL  10/09/2016 
    7  VSP/WC/TPP/76270-0 - Capital repair of Pressure Part of Boiler-6  RINL  08/09/2016 
    8  VSP/WC/QATD/76272-0/OT-Servicing & repair of M/s FIE make testing equipment of QATD  RINL  08/09/2016 
    9  VSP/WC/CED/76273-0/OT/2016-17/False ceiling, aluminium partitions and miscellaneous civil  RINL  06/09/2016 
    10  VSP/WC/SSD/76262-0/OT-Recovery of steel scrap, Iron scrap, Iron/Steel muck&fines......transportation  RINL  03/09/2016 
    11  VSP/WC/StED/76266-0/OT/2016-17/Structural repair works for buildings and technological structures Pl  RINL  01/09/2016 
    12  VSP/WC/WRM/RFx No.2600000302 - F/C valves revisioniong & specialised pipelines fabrication  RINL  01/09/2016 
    13  CONTRACTS AWARDED DURING JULY-2016  RINL  31/08/2016 
    14  VSP/WC/SP/76257-0/OT/2016/Mechanical maintenance of conveyors & feeding system of  RINL  30/08/2016 
    15  VSP/WC/CED/76260-0/OT/2016-17/Repainting of equipments/equipment mounted structures/pipe lines/tanks  RINL  30/08/2016