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  • SNo Tender Description Branch Expiry DateUp
    1  CONTRACTS AWARDED DURING JAN-2016  RINL  29/02/2016 
    2  VSP/WC/CED/75613-0/OT/2015-16 /Special jobs like core cutting, grouting, drilling of holes in RCC  RINL  27/02/2016 
    3  BF/75608-0/OT-Category-1 CRs of BF-2 (Pkg-12) - Refurbishment/Repair of Slag Granulation Plant Eqpt.  RINL  23/02/2016 
    4  WMD/75626-0/OT - Civil MaIntenance Jobs (inside plant) of Water Management Department  RINL  23/02/2016 
    5  VSP/WC/DNW/75618-0/OT/2015/Installation of additional run of 33 KV cable  RINL  20/02/2016 
    6  VSP/WC/DNW/75618-0/OT/2015/Installation of additional run of 33 KV cable  RINL  20/02/2016 
    7  VSP/WC/DNW/75618-0/OT/2015/Installation of additional run of 33 KV cable  RINL  20/02/2016 
    8  VSP/WC/SMS/75622-0/OT/2015-16, Dt.05.02.2016, TECHNOLOGICAL ASSISTANCE IN BILLET STORAGE YARD OF SMS  RINL  20/02/2016 
    9  VSP/WC/INSTN/75580-0/OT/Maintenance Works of Instrumentation Systems in the Expansion areas etc.  RINL  16/02/2016 
    10  VSP/WC/Telecom/75621-0/ot/2015-16, Dt.30.01.2016, Repair & Maintenance of Datacom network  RINL  16/02/2016 
    11  VSP/WC/SMS/75595-0 Re tender/OT/2015-16, 05.02.2016, REPAIR JOBS ON TWIN TABLE CARS, RAIL CHANGING,  RINL  16/02/2016 
    12  VSP/WC/SMS/75623-0/SOT/2015-16,Dt.05.02.2016, STRUCTURAL REPAIR AND MECHANICAL OVERAULING OF SLAG PO  RINL  16/02/2016 
    13  VSP/WC/RED/75596-0/OT - Refractory lining jobs of SMS-I&II, Rolling Mills and allied units  RINL  13/02/2016 
    14  VSP/WC/MMSM/75497-0/OT/2015-16/Re-Resche/Strapping of Mill Products in MMSM  RINL  13/02/2016 
    15  VSP/WC/FMD/75617-0/OT/2016 DATED 29/01/2016 TYRE FITTING WORKS OF EQUIPMENT OF FMD  RINL  13/02/2016 
    16  VSP/WC/CED/75614-0/OT/2015-16/Repair of rolling shutters, expanded metal doors, steel & Aluminium  RINL  13/02/2016 
    17  BF/75624-0/SOT - Structural and Chute Repairs in Blast Furnace  RINL  13/02/2016 
    18  VSP/WC/MMSM/75616-0/OT/2015-16/Assistance in Preparatory Jobs for Rolling and Assembly, Repair & Rev  RINL  11/02/2016 
    19  VSP/WC/SP/75619- 0/SOT/2015/Capital Repair of Sinter Machine-2 for 2015-16 (part-2),  RINL  11/02/2016 
    21  VSP/WC/IT/75576-0/OT-Maintenance of Level2 automation systems(Hardware&Software) in BF3, SCADA2  RINL  09/02/2016 
    22  WMD/75578-0/OT-Maint. & Upkeep of Elec. Installations of Water System Complexes in WMD  RINL  09/02/2016 
    23  BF/75606-0/OT - Category-1 CR of BF-2 (Pkg-16) - Refurbishment/Repair of Eqpt, Pulleys, Belts, Tech  RINL  09/02/2016 
    24  BF/75607-0/OT-Category-1 CRs of BF-2 (Pkg-13) - Refurbishment /Repairs of BHS Eqpts.  RINL  09/02/2016 
    25  VSP/WC/CED/75605-0/OT/2015-16/Drain cleaning works in Rolling Mills,CRMP, FMD&TRAFFIC; RMHP, C&CCD;  RINL  09/02/2016 
    26  vsp/wc/SMS/75611-0/SOT/repair/Reclamation of dummy bar links and repair/revisioning of N1/N2 cass  RINL  09/02/2016