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  • SNo Tender Description Branch Expiry DateUp
    1  EOI No.T&S/10/003, dtd:30.12.2010 for handling of vessels on end to end solutions basis at VPT  RINL(CC)  31/03/2022 
    2  EOI No.PUr.7.17.0021/07033, dt:11.07.2007 for supply of Low Ash Coking Coal  RINL(CC)  31/10/2020 
    3  STR/TR/Angul/Empanelment/2013-15, dt:25.10.2012 for Empanelment of Transporters  RINL(CC)  31/05/2015 
    4  Corrigendum no.1 to Open tender No.1.66.0633/1734,dt.11.05.13 for supply of Silico Manganese,50-80MM  RINL MM DEPT  31/12/2014 
    5  GLOBAL TENDER No. 20000827/0072 Dt.01.10.2014 FOR SUPPLY OF 'GRAPHITE FLAKES'  RINL  01/12/2014 
    6  Open Tender No. Pur. 4.67.0027/2307 dtd.25.10.2014- Tundish Covering Compound (Rice Husk)  RINL MM DEPT  29/11/2014 
    7  GLOBAL TENDER No.Pur. 4.66.FeVn/0078, Dated 08.10.2014 for supply of 225 Tons of Ferro Vanadium  RINL MM DEPT  12/11/2014 
    8  ITT No.Pur.4.57.Al-Ingot/0081 DTD –11/10/2014 for supply of ALUMINIUM Ingots 1080 T  RINL  10/11/2014 
    9  Invitation to Tender No.Pur20001077/0080 DTD –10/10/2014 for supply of BF Lime Stone  RINL  10/11/2014 
    10  GLOBAL TENDER No. 4.17.0015/0062 Dt.11.09.2014 FOR SUPPLY OF 'IRON ORE FINES AND LUMPS'  RINL  06/11/2014 
      CORRIGENDUM NO : 1 TO GLOBAL TENDER No. 4.17.0015/0062 Dt.11.09.2014 FOR 'IRON ORE FINES AND LUMPS'  RINL  - 
    11  CORRIGENDUM NO 9 FOR ITT NO Pur.20000000/0041 DTD – 14/07/2014 FOR SUPPLY OF QUARTZITE LUMPS  RINL  05/11/2014 
    12  Corrigendum No.1 to ITT No.4.67.0024/2304 -supply & application of Ladle well mix- 90 %Self opening  RINL MM DEPT  04/11/2014 
    13  Invitation to Tender No.Pur.4.26.0045/2220 Dated : .27.09.2014 for supply of Vacuum contactors  VISAKHAPTNAM STEEL PLANT  03/11/2014 
    14  Corrigendum No.5 to Open tender No.Pur.2.66.SiMn/2012-13/0109, Dated 09.02.2012 for Silico Manganese  RINL MM DEPT  - 
    15  Details of Contract concluded during the month of March 2012 (1 Crore above)  RINL(CC)  -