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  • SNo Tender Description Branch Expiry DateUp
    1  Electrical maintenance works in outside township area of VSP township.  RINL  25/07/2015 
    2  Electrical maintenance works in Sectors-6 to 12 areas of VSP township.  RINL  24/07/2015 
    3  Electrical maintenance works in Sectors-1 to 5 areas of VSP township.  RINL  23/07/2015 
    4  Misc water supply works in public bldgs, maint of valves and valve pits in VSP township.  RINL  22/07/2015 
    5  Misc water supply works and maint of water supply system in Sectors- 1 to 5 of VSP township.  RINL  21/07/2015 
    6  Upkeep and Gnl Srvcs in Main Adm Bldg, Proj Office, Constrn Lab, CD bldg (OPA) of VSP.  RINL  17/07/2015 
    7  Misc water supply works and maint of water supply system in Sectors- 6 to 12 of VSP township  RINL  13/07/2015 
    8  Maintainence of air-conditioners and water coolers in VSP outside the plant boundary wall.  RINL  11/07/2015 
    9  Supply of Coffee Premix , Dairy Whitener, etc for coffee/ tea vndg m/cs and supply/maint of m/cs.  RINL  07/07/2015 
    10  Civil Maintenance and Periodical Works for Residential and Public Buildings in Township and Outside  RINL  07/07/2015