Mobile Applications


RINL Mobile App

☆RINL Mobile App is a single point of access for multiple information from mobile devices.
☆Data pertaining to Emp Salary, Town Admin Complaints, Marketing Sales, Corporate News is available .
☆Employees need to use their EIS Password for access in the mobile app.

RINL - Careers

☆RINL - Careers App provides all Carreers related information of RINL in a single app
☆All recruitment information along with results and important formats are available here.
☆Fastest and easiest way to access all Carrers information of RINL.

RINL - Rect Admin

☆RINL - Rect Admin App provides all Careers related important information to single window.
☆The access is based on the EIS Apps credential and OTP sent to official mobile number.
☆Only employees having approved privilege can use this app. Installation of RINL-EIS app is prerequisite for this app.

Marketing Locator

☆Marketing Locator Mobile App can be used to get information about various Marketing Offices of RINL - Vizag Steel.
☆This app provides addresses and contact details of Regional Offices, Branch Offices and Stockyards.

RINL - Publications

☆All major RINL publications are available in a single mobile app.
☆All magazine and special editions are also available through this app.


☆RINL-PDS (Production and Delays Summary) shows summary of plant wide production and delays of previous day as reported by Plant Control. They are only indicative, not final.



☆QuickMAT app can be used to see live data from SAP about Materials, Vendors, Purchase Requisitions, Tenders, Technical Recommendations, Auctions, Purchase Orders, Daybooks and Goods Receipts.