Mobile Applications


RINL Mobile App

☆RINL Mobile App is a single point of access for multiple information from mobile devices.
☆Data pertaining to Emp Salary, Town Admin Complaints, Marketing Sales, Corporate News is available .
☆Employees need to use their EIS Password for access in the mobile app.

RINL - Careers

☆RINL - Careers App provides all Carreers related information of RINL in a single app
☆All recruitment information along with results and important formats are available here.
☆Fastest and easiest way to access all Carrers information of RINL.

RINL - Rect Admin

☆RINL - Rect Admin App provides all Careers related important information to single window.
☆The access is based on the EIS Apps credential and OTP sent to official mobile number.
☆Only employees having approved privilege can use this app. Installation of RINL-EIS app is prerequisite for this app.

Marketing Locator

☆Marketing Locator Mobile App can be used to get information about various Marketing Offices of RINL - Vizag Steel.
☆This app provides addresses and contact details of Regional Offices, Branch Offices and Stockyards.

RINL - Publications

☆All major RINL publications are available in a single mobile app.
☆All magazine and special editions are also available through this app.


☆RINL-PDS (Production and Delays Summary) shows summary of plant wide production and delays of previous day as reported by Plant Control. They are only indicative, not final.



☆QuickMAT app can be used to see live data from SAP about Materials, Vendors, Purchase Requisitions, Tenders, Technical Recommendations, Auctions, Purchase Orders, Daybooks and Goods Receipts.
RINL - traQR

RINL - traQR

☆traQR (Product traceability through QR) is developed to help stock yard people to track product movement by reading the product info through QR code printed on the tag. This app stores the read data in the mobile and transfers the same to ERP when exported through internet.