Raw Material Handling Plant is meant for transporting materials from Raw material yard/Base mix yard to various process units of the plant. The Major Raw materials required for Iron and Steel making are iron ore lump, iron ore fines, sized iron ore, flux limestone / dolomite, manganese, quartzite coking coal, non-coking coal (for Boiler operation & For Pulverized coal injection ) and coke. Lump iron ores, iron ore fines and flux such as limestone and dolomite received by railway rake are unloaded in wagon tipplers and stored in open storage yard with the help of various stockyard machines.

Iron ore lump, flux such as limestone and dolomite, Coke is reclaimed by suitable stock yard machine and are crushed in Ore crushing plant, Flux crushing plant and coke crushing plant respectively to produce the size required. The above material is proportionately stacked by suitable stacking machine in base mix yard and blended while reclaiming by blender reclaimer. The prepared base mix is then transported to Sinter plant for sinter production. For feeding material to new Blast Furnace, sized ore and flux are reclaimed by stock yard machine from respective yard and are transported by conveyor. Sinter produced in sinter plant and coke from existing/new coke ovens is transported directly to BF-3 stock house by conveyor. Purchased coke and necessary calcined lime from stock yard and new lime calcining plant respectively are transported to SMS by conveyor. The waste product from the plant is mainly dust and method of their disposal is through dust suppression system and inter plant transportation.