Continuous Improvement-Process Management

Dept. Measures Energy Savings (Gcals) CO2Emissions
Coke Oven 1. Recirculation of Tar Sludge, Benzol Muck ,Coke Dust in Coke Ovens

2. Installation of Rotary Discharge device in place of Batch Discharge at Coke Dry cooling plant chambers.
61298 24642
Sinter Plant 1. Optimizing thermal energy consumption by deep bed sintering in sinter plants

2. Optimising coke use in sinter making by increased usage of metallurgical waste

3. Process improvement by usage of LD slag in Sinter Making to recirculate useful metals into Iron Making.
564989 227126
Blast Furnace 1. Reducing coke consumption in Blast Furnaces by Proper blending of raw materials to produce low ash coke 114195 45906
Steel Melt Shop 1. Auto Operation of Injection Refining and Up Temperature Plant 1505 MWH 1355
Light and Medium Merchant Mill 1. Rationalization of heat distribution and controlling air ingress at Billet Mill reheating furnaces.

2. Increase in baffle wall height between Heating and preheating zone to reduce Flue gas temperature and for increased residence time at Billet Mill reheating furnaces.
156618 62960
Bar Mill 1. Power Consumption reduction at Bar Mill by modification of roll pass design. 22542 9062
Wire Rod Mill 1. Reduction in Heat consumption in Reheating Furnaces of Rolling Mills by hot charging of billets to WRM.

2. Reducing Field Currents Of 1700kw DC motors to 25% during Non-Rolling Hours.

1300 MWH
Medium Merchant and Structural Mill 1. Reducing Field Currents Of 4Nos Of 2000 Kw Dc Motors in MMSM during Non-Rolling Hours.

2. Replacement of Frequency Converters in MMSM drives.
4800 MWH

540 MWH
Energy Management Department 1. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) system.

2. Injection of Reversal pause coke oven gas into BF gas line supplied to TPP.
75663 4806
Raw Material Handling Plant 1. Installation of Vector Drive in Wagon Tipplers of RMHP 210 MWH
Thermal Power Plant 1. Increased usage of By product fuels (Co gas and BF gas) and reduction of Boiler Coal usage 219013 30417