Systems improvements undertaken in RINL

System Improvements implemented in RINL

System Improvements implemented as per suggestions of Vigilance

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Works Division

  • RINL took an active role in the struggle against the Pandemic COVID-2019 and has obtained license from the Government of AP to supply Liquid Medical Oxygen (LMO) to the Government approved LMO suppliers and has successfully supplied over 8,000 Tonnes of LMO till 31.10.2020 and the endeavour is still continuing.
  • Government of India is expected to import around 8,00,000 tonnes of LMO from various countries for which there are not enough storage facilities available in the country. RINL came forward to offer storage facility for a quantity of 2500 tonnes of LMO.
  • Slow Moving semi-finished steel products are subjected to rerolling and have been converted into Fast Moving high value Finished products.
  • With a view to achieving better financials of the organization in the unprecedented scenario of sluggish market conditions arising out of the impact of COVID-19, in order to ensure a well regulated cash out flow, ‘Indent Holiday’ was declared in RINL. Committees were constituted to ensure optimum availability of critical spares, refractories, Ferro alloys and other operational consumables for smooth operations, to scrutinize the PRs put up by departments during this Indent holiday period.

Projects Division


  • Enterprise Bill Tracking System (EBTS) was developed and implemented in RINL. As per the EBTS the status of the bill submitted is known to all the stake holders, eg. Vendors, Contractors Engineer In Charges etc.. Regular improvements are done to EBTS for the benefit of all the stake holders.
  • The regular Runnng Acoount(RA) bill and Welfare Allowance bills (SMA & ASMA) have been merged wef 01.10.2020 resulting in the reduction of number of bills by about 40%. This has benefited the vendors, contractors as they have to submit a single bill and also resulted in substantail reduction in time in processing of bills by he bill passing section, processing for payment and for availing GST input tax credit.
  • Developed a system for generating report of zone wise capital expenditure incurred for the information of management and Ministry.
  • Sending a bill payment advice with all details along with RTGS advice to the vendors.
  • Developed a programme for automatic calculation and recovery of Liquidated damages in ERP/SAP.
  • Developed a programme for bulk uploading of MIRO relating to SAIL/NMDC rakes
  • Developed a programme for generation of invoice for vendor registration fees.
  • Developed a programme for generation of single invoice covering license fees, electricity charges, water charges and interest for delayed payment (if any) from the customers of Town Adminstration.
  • Physical Verification of Volumetric Bulk Materials: As a part of improvement method of stock verification, procured a latest technological tool “Digital 3D Laser Scanner” along with necessary software in 2018 for conducting physical verification of volumetric stocks like Ores, Coals, Coke fractions, Sinter products at Plant & Port. After completion of installation, demos and all trainings, now the verification of Raw material and other volumetric stocks using the scanner ensures accurate results while verifying stock piles having huge volumes in irregular shapes in the open yards inside the plant and port areas.
  • Physical Verification of stocks at out station stockyards: During the FY2020-21, the physical verification could not be carried out till October 2020due to the circumstances arising out of COVID-19 pandemic. Hence it is proposed to conduct stock verification by forming a team of two executives from the concerned BSO, one each from Finance and Marketing functions (who are generally not involved in stockyard operations). As approved by the Board, the physical verification of stocks at out station stockyards has been completed which has resulted in savings of expenditure towards travel and stay of stock verification executives.

Marketing / Corporate Communications

  • Online retail sales portal has been inaugurated which will enable customers to place orders easily online.
  • An app Dugdugi has been inaugurated which streamlines and brings under one umbrella ,reliable and authentic information in the form of Notifications , journals and videos regarding plant activities and functioning of all the directorates . It also acts as a platform to engage and connect with our stakeholders through various features like Social media accounts and icons in the app like Rinl Parivaar and Creativity corner

    Systemic improvements in Marketing Dept during the year 2020-21:
  • RINL-eSuvidha portal, a new module developed for sale of steel products online to prospective customers. Customers can place Inquiries/orders online and the status of each activity can be viewed by the customers.
  • As per the Govt. directive, with the help of M/s PWC, integrated e-invoicing (IRN) was implemented.
  • Integrated with Govt portal for generating on-line e-waybill (EWB).
  • Implemented forward auctions in ERP-SRM module for By-Products & T&SSD material also which were earlier being conducted through M/S Metal Junction.
  • As per By-Products requirement, YANKEE type of auction was developed in house and the module was seamlessly integrated with ERP.
  • To ease the process of issue of correct Test Certificate while dispatching the material to customers, an in-house developed mobile app was made available to all the users to facilitate scanning of QR codes on tags at stockyards.
  • In the absence of envisaged YMS module, necessary modifications have been done in ERP system for a smooth & uninterrupted operations at CDY.
  • Implemented issue of e-RR through FOIS system instead of manual RR.
  • Shifting to cost based pricing model from Branch level market price. (i) The base price model gives clarity regarding the profitability of a product at a glance by comparing the rebates offered to the same product at different branches. (ii) The prices of all other components are fixed, hence only changes in the rebates will be sufficient to arrive at a price each month. This reduces the load on the pricing section. (iii) Regional managers will have more clarity to control the prices in each branch by comparing the costs and rebates offered.
  • All tenders in marketing contract section are through e-tenders mode only.
  • BOQ wise rate replaced with consolidated rates in order to eliminate freak rates.
  • Estimation by First principle introduced in lieu of last operated rates to factor in the statutory requirement.
  • Introduction of Ocean export Spot sales for quick and easy finalisation of Export orders within two business days from the date of notice.
  • Introduction of Forward e-auction after Ocean export e-Tender to invite much competition may result in increasingly higher prices.
  • Revision of shortage allowance to 0.25% from 0.10% in line with lndustry Norms in Transportation Contracts.


HRD Department

  • Online facility for obtaining nominations of employees for training programmes conducted by HRD has been developed in ERP and is ready for deployment w.e.f April 2021.

Training Department

  • The Project Trainee Management System (PTMS) has been improved as per HRD Circular No HRD/2020-21/115 dated 17/7/2020. The first batch has joined on 5/4/2021.
  • The students NOW need to apply online through PTMS gateway available in the website for specific projects being offered by RINL.
  • Acceptance /Rejections will be based on priorities approved by the management which are given below. The focus has moved from quantity to quality of projects.
  • Selection of Applicants as per the order of priority given below:
    1. Ward / Spouse of serving Employee (In case of tie, seniority on the basis of date of joining as a regular employee in RINL)
    2. Ward / Spouse of a superannuated Employee (In case of tie, seniority on the basis of date of joining as a regular employee in RINL)
    3. Ward / Spouse of CISF personnel or Home-guard posted at RINL, Vizag (In case tie, seniority on the basis of date of posting at RINL)
    4. Other applicants
      • From reputed Government Institutes / Colleges like IIMs, IITS, NITs (In case tie, seniority on the basis of marks secured in all the previous years /semesters)
      • From Institutes / Colleges located within Visakhapatnam District (In case of tie, seniority on the basis of marks secured in all the previous years / semesters)
      • Remaining applicants (In case of tie, seniority on the basis of marks secured in all the previous years /semesters)

Recruitment Section

  • CBT/Online mode tests were adopted for recruitment of Executives and Non-Executive on PAN India basis.
  • Online payment of recruitment registration fee through Payment Gateway.
  • De-Centralisation of conducting Personal Interview in MT(T) recruitment at various cities viz Delhi, Hyderabad and Vizag, in place of one center at Visakhapatnam as being done earlier. This was primarily done to facilitate the prospective executives to minimize travel time and botheration of getting railway reservation.
  • With a view to reducing the total lead time taken for recruitment , it was decided to do away with conduct of written/online test by RINL and go for recruitment by considering the Score of more reliable and well-tested mechanism viz GATE, UGC-NET for recruitment of MT (Tech) and MT(HR)/MT(Mktg) respectively.
  • As a step towards ensuring transparency in the recruitment & selection process, the marks of the provisionally selected candidates are being uploaded in RINL Website. This apart, the link for viewing key/answer sheets was also uploaded in RINL Website providing opportunity to all the candidates who have appeared Online Test to know their Score.
  • Revision of Medical Examination rules for appointment of Executives and Non-Executives in RINL in line with contemporary practices/policies in other major CPSEs
  • In view of the pandemic COVID-19, Personal Interviews were conducted through Video Conferencing Mode during 2020
  • Digitalization of approvals pertaining to recruitment drives done in the last 10 years.

P&A Contracts

  • A system is implemented in Technical Bid Opening of e-tenders where in any two officers of Contract Awarding Department are involved in place of one officer each from contract awarding dept. and Finance dept. to improve efficiency.
  • A Standing Committee has been constituted consisting of the representatives from Indenting dept., Finance and P&A Contracts dept. to examine and finalize contract prices post GST implementation for speedy finalization.
  • Work in Progress of the Tenderers in the Tenders handled by P&A Contracts dept. for ‘Term Contracts’ has been considered apart from completed work to enhance participation of Tenderers.
  • A provision is made for the tenders handled by P&A Contracts dept. where in Tenderers shall quote against total estimated value of work consisting of Job items and Manday items in Bill of Quantities in place of seeking quote for one Part only ie., Job Items keeping the other part Fixed in the present system for better comprehension.
  • A provision is made where certain tenders may be floated in offline mode for the works where estimated value is less than Rs.30 lakhs or awareness of Tenderers about e-tendering is expected to be less or in cases of urgency etc.
  • A system is made where in the probable bidders in case of Open Tenders on issue of NIT / RFx are communicated for drawing their attention to the uploaded / published NIT / RFx for enhancing participation levels.

Town Administration Department

  • Generation of Monthly invoices towards various charges viz. license fee, electrical & water charges against all commercial establishments has been migrated to SAP platform, in which all the inputs like electrical meter readings, payment data is being uploaded in the prescribed file format. Further, GST invoices are being generated without any further manual data entry/operation.
  • Allotment of Quarters is done through open circular and only one General Seniority is maintained and Employees who don't occupy the quarter after allotment, gets debarred for further allotment for a period of one year

Legal Affairs Department

  • Procedure to be followed in Legal Matters:
    The existing procedure has been revised and formulated vide Procedure Order No.PO/91/08, Rev-I dt.28.05.2020 and has been placed in Law Dept. Portal & MS Dept. Portal.
  • Purpose: To streamline the procedure for receiving and acting on requests for opinions, Legal Notices, Court Notices,/Court Cases/ Arbitrations/Orders/Judgments, etc.