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IT Policy

RINl/VSP is committed to leverage Information Technology as the vital enabler in improving the customer-satisfaction, organizational efficiency, productivity, decision-making, transparency and cost effectiveness, and thus adding value to the business of steel making. Towards this, RINL shall

  • Follow best practices in Process Automation & Business Processes through IT by in-house efforts / outsourcing and collaborative efforts with other organizations / expert groups / institutions of higher learning, etc, thus ensuring the quality of product and services at least cost

  • Follow scientific and structured methodology in the software development processes with total user-involvement, and thus delivering integrated and quality products to the satisfaction of internal and external customers

  •   Install, maintain and upgrade suitable cost-effective IT hardware, software and other IT infrastructure and ensure high levels of data and information security

  • Strive to spread IT-culture amongst employees based on organizational need, role and responsibilities of  the personnel and facilitate the objective of becoming a world-class business organization

  • Enrich the skill-set and knowledge base of all related personnel at regular intervals to make employees knowledge-employees

  • Periodically monitor the IT investments made and achievements accrued to review their cost effectiveness