Code of Business Conduct Customer Policy Energy Policy
ERM Policy HR Policy IT Policy
QSHE Policy Rules & Policies Information Security Policy
CSR Policy Vigilance Policy
Policy for prevention of sexual harassment of Women at work place Vigil Mechanism Policy Of RINL
Policy for Related Party Transactions

Policies & Rules OF RINL/VSP


I. Service Rules

  • Service Rules for Executives

  • Conduct, Discipline & Appeal Rules

  • Leave Rules for Non-executive Employees

  • Recruitment Policy

  • Certified Standing Orders

II. Promotion Policy and Rules

  • Promotion Policy and Rules for Executives

  • System of Probation and Confirmation of Executives

  • Policy for Promotion to Non-Unionised Supervisory Cadre & Executive Cadre

  • Policy & Rules for Promotion of Non-Executives

  • Procedure for Dealing with Promotion/Confirmation of Non-executives pending Enquiry/Disciplinary Proceedings and thereafter.

  • Performance Appraisal System for Executives

  • Annual Confidential Report for Non-Executives

III. Wage Structure

  • Executive Salary Structure, Non-Executive Salary Structure & Stipend rates for Trainees

  • Annual Increment Rules

IV. Allowances

  • Travelling Allowance Rules

  • City Compensatory Allowance

  • Reimbursement of Local Travelling Expenses

  • Grant of Conveyance Allowance to Blind and Orthopaedically Handicapped Employees

  • House Rent and House Rent Allowance

  • Night Shift Allowance

  • Split Duty Allowance

  • Entertainment Allowance

  • Magazine Allowance

V. Advances

  • House Building Advance Rules ( including Scheme of Interest Subsidy on House Building Loans )

  • Grant of Advance for Purchase of Motor Vehicle

  • Grant of Advance for the Purchase of Bicycle

  • Grant of Advance for Medical Attendance & Treatment

  • Festival Advance

VI. Employees' Motivation & Welfare Scheme

  • Incentive Scheme for acquiring Professional Qualifications

  • Jawaharlal Nehru Award Scheme for Executives

  • Jawaharlal Nehru Award Scheme for Non-Executives

  • Incentive Scheme for promoting Small Family Norms among Employees

  • Encashment of Leave

  • Medical Benefits

  • Grant of Assistance towards Funeral Expenses of Employees who die while in Service

  • Family Benefit Scheme

  • House Allotment Rules

  • Leave Travel Concession

  • Reimbursement of School Fees to Employees' Children

  • Grant of Scholarships to the children of Employees

  • Scheme for grant of Scholarships to the children of Employees belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes

  • Scheme for grant of Scholarships to Physically Handicapped Children of Employees

VII. Retirement Benefits

  • Provident Fund Rules

  • Procedure for final Settlement of Dues of Retiring Employees

  • RINL Superannuation Benefit Fund Scheme

  • Employees' Family Benefit Scheme

  • Scheme for farewell to Retiring Employees

VIII. Miscellaneous Rules

  • Determination of Date of Birth

  • Change of Name

  • Appointment of Deputationists in the Company

  • Procedure for Leave Book and Leave Card System

  • Foreign Travel

  • Issue of Verification Certificate to Employees for obtaining Passport

  • Forwarding Applications of Employees for Outside Employment

  • Transfer Benefits to Executives joining VSP on appointment from Central Government / Public Sector Undertakings & vice - versa

  • Executive Grievance Redressal Procedure

  • Formal Grievance Procedure for Non - Executives Details on the above subjects can be obtained from Personnel Manual available for reference in the Central Library, Technical Training Institute, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant.