RINL employees have innovative abilities    20-Mar-2018     View PDF

Sri P Madhusudan, CMD, RINL  said that RINL employees have immense potential, competitiveness and are always demonstrating their skill sense in improving the productivity and thus bringing name and fame to the organization.  He exhorted the employees to adapt to changes in this competitive business environment for survival and success.Sri Madhusudan made these observations while addressing employees at the “Annual Recognition function of Quality Circles, Suggestion Scheme & ‘5 S’ ” held in Ukkunagaram on 20th March,2018.. Sri Madhusudan  observed that technological advancements in the country  are helping the human resources to think creatively in improving the skill levels and highlighted the need for team work to deliver  results. Here, RINL employees are playing a vital role in transforming the work environment into results, he added. Sri Madhusudan said  that active involvement of employees with creative ideas would help achieve the goals and objectives of the Company. Sri P Madhusudan, CMD felicitated Prime Minister Shram Awardees, ICQCC award winning teams,  Creativity award winners under Suggestion Scheme. Sri PC Mohapatra, Director (Projects), Sri P Raychaudhury, Director (Commercial), Sri KC Das, Director (Personnel), Sri VV Venugopal Rao, Director (Finance), , Sri PK Rath, Director (Operations), Sri O R Ramani ED (Works)I/c,  EDs, GMs, HODs, Sr. Officers, Representatives of Unions, SC/ST association, SEA, WIPS, Facilitators, Members and Suggestion Coordinators participated. Later, the dignitaries presented mementoes /Certificates/trophies to the best suggestions, best depts. coordinators, evaluator under suggestion scheme, best QC teams, best QC facilitators, QC Coordinator and best QC departments, Best 5S departments & coordinators. They have congratulated the participants and praised their efforts for their involvement through QCs, Suggestion and 5S and encouraged to contribute further for well being of the organisation. The “Annual Quality Circles, Suggestion Scheme and 5S recognition function” was organized by Management Services Department of RINL at Multipurpose Hall, Ukkunagaram  today to recognize the efforts of QC teams , Suggestors and 5S depts. A total of 4,983 QC projects were implemented and 22,982 Suggestions generated across   the   organization in the FY 2016-17.  119 Individual Awardees and 25 Depts were recognised during the Annual Recognition Function. Sri R V Rao, GM(HR) gave an overview of the activities of the Quality Circles, Suggestions and 5S movement at VSP and the achievements in National and International Convention on QCs, Suggestion scheme and 5S.