RINL-COKE OVENS Department achieved another Mile Stone    09-Mar-2022     View PDF

Coke Oven and Coal Chemical Plant (CO &CCP) department of RINL-VSP achieved a mile stone of 3 Million Oven Pushings since inception.  CO &CCP is considered to be the vital unit in an integrated Steel Plant. It not only produces Coke, the important input for Blast Furnaces but also produces many useful by products like Benzene, Toluene, Anthracene, Benzol, tar  and Naphthalene etc including Coke oven Gas, which is used critically as fuel for various utility purposes throughout the Plant. On this momentous occasion at a function held at the unit premises today, Shri Atul Bhatt, CMD,                    RINL-VSP congratulated the CO &CCP department employees for this mile stone achievement.  Shri DK Mohanty, Director (Commercial) & Addl. charge Director (Personnel), Shri AK Saxena, Director (Operations), Shri Abhijit Chakravarthy, CGM (Works)I/c, Senior Officers,  representatives of various trade unions and employees participated in the function  to commemorate the event.