Monthly Get Togethers

The Monthly Get Together (MGTs) forms a very interesting and gregarious part of the VMS activity.

The VMS team leaves no stone unturned to make it a colourful and fun-filled three hours.

The programme begins with a formal welcome and a briefing by the Secretary of VMS regarding the bygone month's social and community development activities.

Almost every MGT is theme based in order to celebrate or honour a culture or an event. In order to add colour and fun to the MGT, members are asked to come in a pre-decided colour code or a particular variety of attire. The months having an event of significance such as National days, Women’s Day, Children’s Day and major festivals are all observed with a lot of pomp and gaiety.

Each member of the team dons a new role in every MGT, taking up different responsibilities. Responsibilities include - registration, anchoring, organising games, prize distribution and arranging sumptuous food and beverages for all members.

Besides organising entertainment programmes like singing, dancing, theme based fashion show and many more, the committee also organises fun-filled group and individual games for which prizes are awarded.