Visteel Nite

This is one of the most looked-forward-to day of ours.

This is that day of the year when the husbands get a sneak peek into the fun-filled time their wives have every month during the MGT.

On one Special day of the year, our members are invited with their spouses to a gala night. That’s what makes it special to start with. What follows, is what makes it more exclusive. The evening begins with a special welcome to every members’ husband and concludes on a high note with every couple beaming from ear to ear.

It is a well-planned event with lots of entertainment, couple-games, couple dance, lively music, good food, surprises and prizes.

A lot of effort goes into the making of this event like any other. But, what makes this different and a bit more challenging is the extra effort that goes into planning events, keeping in mind the plurality of the invited esteemed men folk.

Every event is a challenge and fun too! When this special day ends with every guest having fun, the efforts are totally worth it.

Team VMS never fails to do their best- be it organising the MGT or honouring the social responsibilities of the VISTEEL night!