New Technological Features

Area Major Unit Art of Technology Benefits Expected
Sinter MakingNew Sinter Plant - 3Circular coolerEnergy efficiency
Multi slit burnersEnergy efficiency
Waste heat recovery from sinter coolerReduced Energy Consumption
Iron MakingNew Blast Furnace - 3ProfilometerImproved process control
Copper staves in high heat zonesBetter campaign life
Hearth bottom cooling with waterBetter campaign life
Pulverized Coal InjectionReduced coke consumption & improved productivity.
Steel MakingNew LD ConverterCombined BlowingReduced consumption of Ferro Alloys, Better Yield and Quality
Secondary fume extraction systemCleaner Environment
Contour & bath level measurementMeasurement of refractory lining
New Continuous Casting MachineAuto mould level controlReduction in breakouts
100% billet castingEnergy saving
Steel Melt Shop LF & RHElectro Magnetic StirrerCleaner Steel
Lime Kiln PlantNew Lime Kiln PlantVertical Shaft KilnLess Energy Consumption and better environment
MillsWire Rod Mill - 2 High speed WRM (105 - 110 m/s)Increased productivity
Integration of Furnace Control with Mill ControlBetter Fuel Optimization
Special Bar Mill20 - 45 mm size in straight & coil formReduced wastage for end user
Free size rollingCustomized sizes with tolerance of +/-0.1mm
Structural Mill High speed roughing stands to produce 75 - 175 mm structurals Increased productivity