Light & Medium Merchant Mill

The cast blooms from continuous casting department are heated and rolled in the two high speed and fully automated rolling mills namely Light & Medium Merchant Mill (LMMM) and Medium Merchant & Structural Mill (MMSM). The billets produced in LMMM are further rolled in Bar Mill / Wire Rod Mill (WRM). The finished products include wire rods & long products like reinforcement bars, rounds, squares, flats, angles, channels, billets etc.

Blooms from Continuous Casting Division are rolled into billets, some of which are sold and rest are sent to Bar Mill/WRM. The continuous two-line Bar Mill comprises of 8 Stand Double Strand roughing train, 2 nos. of 4 Stand Single Strand intermediate train & 2 nos. of 4 Stand Single Strand finishing train. Loopers are provided in between the finishing stands for tension free rolling in order to obtain good surface quality and tolerances. Housings are of closed top type. Roll necks are mounted in anti friction bearings.


Breakdown Mill
  • 7 Stand Break-Down Mill.
Bar Mill
  • 8 Stand Roughing Mill (2 Strand rolling).
  • 2X4 Stand Intermediate Mill (Single Strand rolling).
  • 2X4 Stand Finishing Mill (Single Strand rolling).

Salient Features

  • Evaporating cooling systems in Rolling Mill furnaces.
  • Computerised Rolling Mill.
  • Tempcore cooling process facilitating high strength with good bendability and weldability.


  • A Mill of 0.88 MT per annum.

Commissioning Dates

  • Billet Mill - Trial Operation – 28.09.1990.
  • Bar Mill    - Trial Operation – 29.10.1991.