Steel Melt Shop & Continuous Casting

Steel is made in steel melting shop in the refractory lined vessels called LD Converters by blowing oxygen through the hot metal bath. While iron making is a reduction process, steel making is an oxidation process. The oxygen reacts with impurities like carbon, silicon, phosphorous, sulphur etc. present in hot metal to produce steel. No external fuel is required as the silicon & carbon releases huge amount of heat energy.Also the carbon reaction releases large quantities of gas rich in carbon monoxide along with huge amount of dust. The gases released from the converter are collected, cooled, cleaned and recovered for use as fuel in the steel plant. The entire molten steel at VSP is continuously cast at the radial type continuous casting machines resulting in significant energy conservation and better quality steel. 100% Continuous casting on such a large scale has been conceived for the first time in India.


  • Three LD converters (modernized with increase in volume to 150 cum. each along with DOG House facility).
  • 6 nos. of 4 - Strand Continuous Bloom Casting machines.
  • Three LD Converters of 150 cum. volume each.
  • 1 no. of 6- Strand Continuous Billet- cum- Round caster.
  • 2 nos. of 6- Strand Continuous Billet casters.
  • 1 no. of 5-strand Continuous Billet-cum-Round caster.
  • Hot Metal Desulphurization Plant (HMDP).
  • DOG House.
  • RH Degasser.

Salient Features

  • 100% Continuous casting of steel.
  • Converters gas cooling, cleaning and recovery systems.
  • Computerisation of the converter process.


Production Capacity
  • SMS-1 : Original Installed Capacity is 3.0 MT of Liquid Steel per annum & 2.82 MT of CC Blooms per annum. After Modernization of all the 3 converters, capacity is enhanced to 3.5 MT of Liquid Steel & 3.29 MT of CC Blooms per annum.
  • SMS-2 : 3.8 MT of Liquid Steel per annum & 3.7 MT of CC Blooms/Rounds per annum from Converters-D, E & F.

Commissioning Dates

  • Converter - A - 1st Heat - 06.09.1990 / 1st Heat after Modernization - 16.03.2016.
  • Converter - B - 1st Heat - 04.03.1991 / 1st Heat after Modernization - 22.05.2017.
  • Converter - C - 1st Heat - 25.07.1992 / 1st Heat after Modernization - 27.10.2016.
  • Converter - D - 1st Heat - 28.03.2014.
  • Converter - E - 1st Heat - 30.10.2013.
  • Converter - F - 1st Heat - 07.11.2016.