Sinter Plant

Sintering is an agglomeration process of fine mineral particles into a porous mass by incipient fusion caused by heat produced by combustion within the mass itself. Iron ore fines, coke breeze, limestone and dolomite along with recycled metallurgical wastes are converted into agglomerated mass at the Sinter Plant, which forms 70-80% of iron bearing charge in the Blast Furnace. The vertical speed of sintering depends on the suction that is created under the grate. At VSP, two exhausters are provided for each machine to create a suction of 1500-1600 mm water column under the grate.


  • Sinter machine-1 with 378 M2 grate area (after Modernization)
  • Sinter machine-2 with 312 M2 grate area.
  • Sinter Machine-3 with 408 M2 grate area.

Salient Features

  • Base mix (homogeneous mixture of all raw materials) blending yard with six beds each of 1, 10,000 tons storage capacity.
  • Sinter Machine-1 (after modernization) is provided with Chamber type Ignition Furnace with roof mounted energy efficient burners. Machine-2 is provided with an ignition furnace of horizontal burners.
  • Sinter Bed Height 650 mm for M/C-1 (after Modernization) & 500 mm for M/C-2.
  • Straight Line Sinter Cooler.
  • Sinter Heat Recovery Power Plant (SHRPP) with a capacity of 20.6 MW electrical power generation by utilising waste heat recovered from Sinter Coolers of Machine 1 & 2
  • Bed Height 700 mm.
  • Chamber type Ignition Furnace with roof mounted energy efficient burners.
  • 27 m long extended hood with hot air supply through 4 feed points.
  • Circular Sinter cooler with waste heat recovery system.
  • Lime addition at Mixing and Nodulizing Section of Sinter Machine building.


  • Production Capacity :
    • Sinter Machine - 1 : 3.640 MT of Gross Sinter per annum (after Modernization)
    • Sinter Machine – 2 : 2.85 MT of Gross Sinter per annum.
    • Sinter Machine – 3 : 3.611 MT of Gross Sinter per annum.

Commissioning Dates

Basemix preparation from RMB (Raw Materials Bin) - 03.11.1989
Machine - 1 commissioned (3.0 Mt stage) - 14.11.1989
Machine - 1 Hot trials for commissioning (after modernization) - 08.08.2017
Machine - 2 commissioned - 27.12.1991
Machine - 3 Integrated trial run for commissioning - 04.07.2013