Special Bar Mill

The Mill is designed to produce 7,50,000 tons per year of plain rounds in straight length and in coil form by using an input of Continuous cast billets of 150 mm x 150 mm x 12 m and weighing approximately 2050 kgs. The mill is designed to roll medium and high carbon steel, case hardening steel, cold heading quality steel, electrode steel, spring steel, bearing steel and free cutting steel.


  • 6 Stand Roughing Train.
  • 6 Stand Intermediate Train.
  • 6 Stand Pre-Finishing Train.
  • 3 Nos. Stand Finishing Train (Sizing train).
  • Pendulum shear, Flying shear 3 no.s and dividing shear.
  • Controlled cooling facilities.
  • Straight Form : Chain transfers, Cold Shear, Bundling Facilities and Strapping machines.
  • Coil Form : Garret coilers, Cooling conveyors, Hook conveyors, Compacting and Strapping Machines.

Salient Features

  • Continuous Mill consisting of 21 stands of housing-less design.
  • 20 - 45 mm size in straight & coil form (Reduced wastage for end user).
  • Free size rolling (Customized sizes with closed tolerances).
  • Low temperature rolling for finer grain structure.
  • Online automatic measuring gauge for better quality control.
  • Automatic bar Bundling & Strapping machines for packaging of finished products.


  • 0.75 MT per annum. The enhanced production capacity is 0.90 MT per annum.

Product Mix

  • Round Form Outputs :

    Rounds - 20 mm to 45 mm diameter (with a special provision to roll 16 mm to 18 mm).
    Coils      - 2.0 tons (as per billet weight).

  • Straight Form Outputs :

    Straights - 12.0 m bundle with 6 straps.

Commissioning Dates

  • Mill: Commissioned on 3rd Apr 2015.