RINL CMD inaugurates PoS facility in Ukkunagaram    23-Nov-2016     View PDF

Sri P Madhusudan, CMD, RINL inaugurated the Mini Mobile ATM facility today. The State Bank of India, Steel Plant branch came forward to help the employees and general publi in and around Visakhapatnam Steel Plant/ Ukkunagaram to dispense cash through Point of Sale (PoS) -  Mini Mobile ATM. The debit card holders can withdraw Rs 2000 per day by swiping their cards through the mobile ATM. Sri Madhusudan appreciated the fine gesture of SBI of serving the society at large and urged the  employees to utilize the facility. Later, Sri Madhusudan withdrew Rs 2000 by swiping his debit card. Sri PC Mohapatra, Director (Projects), Dr GBS Prasad, Director (Personnel), Sri DN Rao, Director (Operations) and Sri P Raychaudhury, Director (Commercial) were present and they too used the facility to with draw the cash. SBI officials, Sri PMM Patro, Regional Manager, Region-1, Sri K Subrahmanyam, Chief Manager, Steel Plant Branch and Sri G Satynarayana, Smt P Smita, Sri V Somesh were present on the occasion. The PoS mobile ATM will during the course of its operations, be positioned it important places  like Visakha Steel General Hospital, shopping complexes in the township, Schools, Colleges and plant premises etc for use by the people.